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Light Box (Duratran) Posters

light box prints - Sizing & Pricing Below:
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Double A0
Width: 118.9 cm
Height: 168.2 cm
Width: 84.1 cm
Height: 118.9 cm
Width: 59.4 cm
Height: 84.1 cm
Width: 42.0 cm
Height: 59.4 cm
Width: 29.7 cm
Height: 42.0 cm
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Perfect for light boxes and backlit applications, matte translucent Duratrans style polyester film giving outstanding colour saturation.

Perfect for fine art and detailed crystal clear photography requiring close viewing (intended viewing distance: Closer than arm’s length). Printed with Epson UltraChrome K3 ink delivering stunning, photo-realistic image quality. The 8-colour ink set has the widest possible gamut for a fantastic range of expression and you’ll see subtle shadows and highlights when printing in black and white. Images are reproduced consistently in vivid, long-lasting colour. Light Fastness: Up to 75 years for colour prints, in excess of 100 years for Black and white prints when kept out of direct sunlight.

Straight Edges: your print is trimmed around the edges to suit (rectangular straight edged images). No need to put crop marks on your image unless you require a high degree of accuracy (if you do then the print size ordered must include the crop marks and you must supply the image at 100% print size).